Its about do you want the same goals in life that includes this list believe me its important I could not imagine having a hubby that did not believe what heartbreak that would bring and confusion and constant struggle. Now, there’s nuance in my statement, so stick with me. I hope this gives some hope today that its not about a feeling you get. Healthy relationships are equally dependent and mutually independent. It’s the typical image burnt into everyone of the guys in my group. A good male leader is the best way to go as he can replace her emotions with sound reason. Just like character is the most important quality of a good guy, the woman you’re going to marry should have good character as well intimidating wife.

I am so thankful that neither of us gave up, because if we had we would have missed out on seeing God do a miracle right in front of our eyes. I wanted to explain what I meant by leadership, which is more of a servant-leadership mindset. Some guys don’t even initiate a conversation with a girl, so how would he know whether “she can hold a good conversation” anyway. That doesn’t mean they conform to some hollywood standard, but that they are attractive to you, their physical presence makes you smile, relaxed, etc. Now, any idea where to find these types of girls. I am a woman and I believe that there is truth to men taking the leadership role in the family household, Wayne summarized my sentiments perfectly. So not sure if this is a good guy code personally.

Your future wife should love you just as you are, regardless of anything you’ve done in your past. God will literally put you in situations where you MUST trust your guy. look at it as a sign that you ve got them, and now you re using them..
. No matter how beautiful I am on the inside will never attract a man to my outside. i threw caution to the wind, let it tousle my hair, and had fun in the sun. he was super duper supportive and took care of me and our family. .


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